Viices :: Lyrics

There have been requests for ::MH:: lyrics and I have been slow to respond.  However the recent (kind) emails from abroad asking for one song in particular really gave me no choice.  So here I am caving in. Oh internet, you always win.

::VIICES:: a tale of young girl joy riding with a fallen angel, flying into the sky over a world of shadows.  It is also highly inspired by this scene from this one movie that remains the best music to blast from your rooftop at midnight on Halloween Speaking of Halloween, I hope you are all dressing up!  as ghouls and spirits as good intentioned as you are frightening to look at (Shriek! Gasp!) no more cuddly costumes. creep it up. class it out.  Make Tim Burton nod.  sooner or later we all become deformed and gentle creatures.

trick or treat ?!


::M∆DE::IN::HEIGHTS:: - Viices

two faces stare at the ceiling
thinking through fingers feeling

dimming headlights looking for a cheap thrill
baby girl picking thorns through the daffodils

i loved you all my life dont
fall asleep without me tonight

they stole the wings from your shoulders
flex your arms rest your muscles on my honor

now we creep through streets every night
through the windows leaning out the side

ride the rollercoaster we don’t hold back
hide our face cuz people they can’t handle that

got an angel sleepin in my pocket
wrapped around my finger, picture in my locket
read his mind cuz baby i’m a psychic
we ride every night through every light because we like it

see the future drivin in my rocket
fly to other galaxies / stimulate our eyelids
enjoy the ride now baby i’m the pilot
hear the engine revvin all the demons they survive it

i don’t want to go
home without you drive me just a little more
you don’t have to say
anything just scoot closer to me
stars light up the sky
telling me that everything will be alright
we move fast and slow
through your neighborhood turn up the sterreeeooo





white peonies

in granite beds

lose track of summer

unravel the threads


in streets made of splendor

in visions sublime

in crafts carved of tender

inferno and chime





take care in the moonlight

for creatures ensnare

o’er valleys and mountains

in aphelion air